Spring Term Updates and Announcements

This past Wednesday, students returned to campus for the spring semester. As we enter the new term, we wanted to provide some updates on what our readers can expect from this blog. We have some exciting changes in the works, as well as a few series that will be introduced in the coming months.

We are moving to a new posting schedule that will allow us to provide profiles, articles, and insights on a regular basis. Beginning next week, you can expect to see a new post on this blog every other Monday, with a few special additions sprinkled throughout the term. Our students will be submitting book reviews, thought pieces, and advice columns geared toward prospective graduate applicants and new members of the department. We will also provide updates and features on various alumni of our Masters and Doctoral programs.

In addition, we will soon kick off two topical series. The first series will feature short posts inspired by movies, television shows, and magazine articles that consider how contemporary anthropologists engage with popular culture. Meanwhile, our second series, entitled “Divided Country,” will use political anthropology to consider the ramifications of narratives of difference brought forth by the recent election and inauguration of Donald Trump.

We welcome any feedback from our readers, and we hope to see your responses in the comments. If there is something you would like to see on the blog, please let us know! Comment below, or send your pitch to cdk2132@tc.columbia.edu under the subject line “TC Anthropology Blog.”

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